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Where to Play Fruit Machines Online

Fruit machines are the UK equivalent to the US slot machines. They are now readily available online so the UK players, and players from other countries that enjoy them too can play play fruit machines onlinefrom their computer and mobile devices. If you want to play fruit machines online then you do have a good selection of online casinos that can facilitate this for you.

Convenience is definitely the first thing that suggests itself when it comes to playing fruit machines online. The marriage of the internet and the conventional slot concept now makes it much easier for game enthusiasts from any part of the world to enjoy their favourite fruit machine games.

The best thing about it is that you can enjoy playing it wherever you may be, as long as you have an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This means that you won’t have to leave your comfort zone to enjoy them.

Large jackpots

If you are looking for machines that offer larger jackpots then you will enjoy a lot of the online casinos as they have some games with progressive jackpots into the 6 and 7 figure range. Yes, you can actually win over £1,000,000 playing a fruit machine online.


There are many other games that offer jackpots in the 5 figure range too, so there are literally hundreds of machines you can play and have the chance of winning a significant amount. So if you are looking to play fruit machines online and give yourself the opportunity of a big payday, then you have many to choose from.

Casinos where you can play fruit machines online

One of the noticeable advantages that you get when you play fruit machines online is the wide range of different games that are available to you. In some of the biggest online casinos there are hundreds of fruit machine games to choose from, with distinct features and different themes too.

Take for example Challenge Casino, which houses all-time favourite classics like the 3-reel Legacy to the new 5-reel Summer Holiday slot game, and many more added all of the time too. You can also choose from normal and progressive jackpot games if you’re feeling lucky. And as these games are powered by the well-known Microgaming software, they’re not just graphically rich but enjoyably immersive too.

Here are some more casinos where you can sign up and start playing any of the hundreds of games they have available to you. You can sign up to any of them now just by clicking on the banners below:

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Quick and easy gameplay

Playing on a fruit machine online is very simple and straightforward. All that you have to do is download and install the casino software from the gaming site, create an account to verify that you’re a real person, and choose the fruit machine game that you want to play.

These games have basically the same rules like any other traditional slot game, but in case you are new, there are also some handy instructions that you may refer to and get started in no time. Expect that these interfaces are easy to use and user-friendly as they’re not only made for seasoned casino players but novices as well.

Generous bonuses to reward your play

As there is a lot of competition in the online casino market now, you will find that a lot of the more established casinos will offer sign up bonuses for new players. The amount and type of bonuses do vary from casino to casino, but they do give you that ability to play more on the casino’s money and have a good look around the casino you choose to sign up for and try a few different games.

These are just some of the reasons why you should play fruit machines online, and benefit from the tremendous amount of convenience they provide. You can also get rewarded for your play too, which is something you do not get when you play a fruit machine in the local bookies or in your local casino. So if you play a lot, you can expect to receive regular bonuses also.

If you like to play fruit machines, then you will love the online casinos and what they can give you. You can play fruit machines online whenever you like, and also give yourself the chance to win some huge jackpots too.

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